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CAROLE said:
Monday, 25 Nov 2013
I was reading the page about Internet and Technology, which I found very interesting, I left the page and now I don't seem to be able to open any pages on your site. Please help.
Siquane said:
Thursday, 9 Aug 2012
This website is great. :)
Vinesse Jireh said:
Saturday, 28 Jan 2012
Very informative. I like it.
Tracy said:
Saturday, 5 Nov 2011
V informative and easy to understand
Debbie said:
Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011
I am looking for free safety posters to use in my occupational/life skills program classroom. Thanks
Marva said:
Friday, 22 Jul 2011
I find the site interesting and informative.
Susan said:
Monday, 4 Jul 2011
I am a pre-school manager and needed some printed matter regarding toilet training for one of my parents and your site came up. I found the article extremely useful. Many thanks
Kathy said:
Thursday, 2 Dec 2010
Great site to keep upto date with current trends & best practices in all articles both in a home or child care setting
Margaret said:
Thursday, 14 Oct 2010
I googled "safety marks for children's toys & Equipment" and your site came up. As a registered childminder doing the new course -'How to set up your home based childcare service'I feel this site will be invaluable for any information I need. I will also recommend it to my (adult) children for when they are purchasing their own nursery equipment. Thank you
Ralph said:
Monday, 6 Sep 2010
I have just come across your site and so far have found it very good and informative. Keep it up.
Karen said:
Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010
Iam a ofsted registered childminder and this web site will be really helpful for me .
Katie said:
Friday, 13 Aug 2010
Please keep me updated, thanks :)
Shannon said:
Thursday, 27 May 2010
Hi there everyone one every conversation I have thats personal they all ways dont keep it confidential sooo.......... I thought id try this out Thanks Shannon
Kenneth james said:
Sunday, 16 May 2010
Thank you for the information ! I found it very helpful ! keep up the good work guys & gals !:)
Deborah said:
Wednesday, 5 May 2010
We will be interested on having your news letter on safekids every time. thanks. debstev
Dennis said:
Friday, 9 Apr 2010
Edith said:
Sunday, 7 Mar 2010
Looking forward to your newsletters. Your website has been a great support since I found it. Thank you.
George said:
Sunday, 24 Jan 2010
Tracy said:
Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009
The site looks full of useful information. Can't wait to investigate.
JOY said:
Monday, 3 Aug 2009
Could you please sned me your monthly news letter. thanks n regards Joy Anthony
Stella said:
Thursday, 16 Jul 2009
Very useful website - a great resource!
Olivia said:
Wednesday, 1 Jul 2009
I am studying and NVQ in childcare. This site has given me every answer I needed for my studies and by for the most useful, easy to use and informative!
Anonymous said:
Saturday, 13 Jun 2009
Really appreciate the video demonstrations in particular - as a single first time mum living in a new area with no family and friends around it really helps to have something like this to reassure me I am doing things correctly and keeping my son as safe as I can - thank you!!!
Pat said:
Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009
Many thanks for the prompt delivery of your Handbook. As a childminder I am always looking for good resources, both for me, the parents and the children. You have managed to cover all safety aspects and for all to read and understand. I am going to laminate the book and let the children read it and then we can discuss it. The children will love the activity sheets to go with it. Thanks again.
Robin said:
Friday, 20 Mar 2009
Good website with useful and helpful info. Thanks.
Kaylea said:
Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009
Nice site, attactive with useful information.
Phil said:
Monday, 9 Feb 2009
Very informative site with lots of useful information
Liz said:
Sunday, 8 Feb 2009
I am training to become a childminder and came across this site and have found iy very informative
Veena said:
Friday, 30 Jan 2009
May I plese some clarification about how to let a child eat grapes - do we cut the grape in half and let the child eat the whole one. There are different opiions about it in the nursery. Thank you P.S. Very informative website - got her when googled for 'grapes'
Debbie said:
Thursday, 8 Jan 2009
I am a childminder, so it is especially important that I keep up to date on how to help keep children safe - thanks for a useful site.
Steve said:
Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008
We are expecting a baby next year and this site will prove invaluable over the next few years. Thank you for making the effort.....
Ernest said:
Sunday, 7 Dec 2008
While browsing for child safety tips,i was elated to access your site,it is loaded with info on child safety.looking forward to your newsletter. ernest
Kelly said:
Saturday, 22 Nov 2008
What a great site just started my NVQ in childcare, this site will be a great help.
Manisha said:
Saturday, 15 Nov 2008
Good Site and is very useful.
Kirsty said:
Monday, 3 Nov 2008
Fantastic site, using a lot of the information for my nvq classes.
Susan said:
Friday, 31 Oct 2008
Useful to update knowledge for inspectors of children's day care in wales
Love said:
Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008
Looks like a great web site glad I found it.
Jean said:
Sunday, 17 Aug 2008
I am a Nursery Manager and sure this newsletter will be very useful in ensuring children in my care are kept safe - thank you
Abigael Oludayo said:
Tuesday, 8 Jul 2008
Thanks for your cordial relationship
Joanne said:
Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008
Great site really educational
Dawn said:
Wednesday, 11 Jun 2008
I think this site is fantastic. Thank you
Revi said:
Saturday, 15 Mar 2008
I think this site is very helpful and useful I will be visiting this site now more often Thank you for the helpful hints
Nikki said:
Monday, 25 Feb 2008
Your information was great! Do you also obtain these facts and informations from doctors as well? Do you think you all have the same information as the United States? Thanks so much!
JOANNE said:
Friday, 15 Feb 2008
Nikki said:
Thursday, 1 Nov 2007
Useful info about safety glass. thank you
Debi said:
Saturday, 27 Oct 2007
The site is very useful and easy to navigate but I wonder, could you point me in the right direction regarding safety standards for baby ring slings, pouches, wraps & hip seats?! I would like to invest in a product for my baby daughter, but would like to ensure not only an attractive but safe choice. I note that many originate for the US. Many thanks Debi
Jennifer said:
Sunday, 21 Oct 2007
I typed in "choking, what to do" in Google and your page came up. Thanks.
Kaye said:
Wednesday, 3 Oct 2007
This site is great!
Hannah said:
Tuesday, 18 Sep 2007
Wonder website! Thank you.
Kaz said:
Thursday, 23 Aug 2007
Just thank you for your help to keep my kid healthy!
Ishbel said:
Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007
What an amazing site! Once of the best I have seen. Many thanks!
Sue said:
Sunday, 15 Jul 2007
Just found your website and am finding it very informative thanx
Stacy said:
Monday, 11 Jun 2007
Great web page
Patsy said:
Friday, 11 May 2007
No comments at this moment in time but would like to make comments after receiving newsletter. THANK YOU
Sammy said:
Wednesday, 25 Apr 2007
Good website it is great to get infomation of for my coursework for child development at school
Joseph said:
Saturday, 3 Mar 2007
My wife and and I are having our first child and we just want to make sure that we are buying the safest things for our baby. Thank You
Elizabeth said:
Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007
Fantastic site, full of helpful info. Many thanks
Anonymous said:
Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007
I am doing a childcare corse and hope this might help me thank you